I've been playing with the site calculator in its graphing mode, and I'm puzzled by the fact that I sometimes seem to get a spurious straight line through the origin on part of the graph - see example below, where I just want the e^(-x). Also, why is it highlighting the point (1, e^(-1))? I'm obviously not using it in quite the way that's intended!

Alan  Mar 2, 2014

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Maybe you are right Alan but I am sure that there are some bugs in the calculator.

There is just one owner/developer of this site, Andre Massow. He has been difficult to communicate with. This is due to a huge work load on his part.
I am hoping that he will communicate with us more as time progresses as I think we could help him pinpoint and therefore fix some of the problems that he is most likely unaware of.
Plus, of course, I would really appreciate his support at times.
Still, I am very appreciative that he is providing and supporting this site, and I want to try and do right by him. Hence I would like to use the site tools as much as possible.
Melody  Mar 2, 2014

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