A navy cruiser is sailing on the Pacific Ocean. They use their sonar technology and are able to detect a submarine. They're trying to figure out how deep the sub,arine is. The sonar device is held at an angle of depression of 34 degrees and the sonar device says a direct line to the submarine is 4,000 feet (hypotenuse). How deep is the submarine?

Guest Apr 7, 2017


We know an angle and the hypotenuse ......and we are trying to find the opposite side.... so...we can use the sine to solve this


sin(34°)  = Depth of sub /  4000     multiply both sides by 4000


4000*sin(34°)   = Depth of sub ≈   2236.77  ft.



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 7, 2017

Thank you so much! laugh

Guest Apr 7, 2017

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