Me and my classmate were thinking of questions the other could not answer. This was what I came up with.

If   \(^c\sqrt {a^c\over b^a} = ^d\sqrt{b^d\over a^b}\)and abcd=100, then what is a+b+c+d=?

I know the answer is 14 or 22(2 possible answers but im not sure of them) but I need a solid solution

(PS: i dont know how to put c and d as the index of a radical. Dont judge.)

DarDragon  Aug 16, 2017
edited by DarDragon  Aug 16, 2017

okay. You can put the index by doing \sqrt[index]{base}

Mathhemathh  Aug 16, 2017
edited by Mathhemathh  Aug 16, 2017

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