Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using substitution, and fill in the blanks.

Oscar is going to send some flowers to his wife. Greenwood Florist charges $1 per rose, plus $24 for the vase. Eric's Flowers, in contrast, charges $3 per rose and $14 for the vase. If Oscar orders the bouquet with a certain number of roses, the cost will be the same with either flower shop. How many roses would there be? What would the total cost be?

 Mar 2, 2023

First, set up the system: 1x + 24 = y, 3x + 14 = y. Substitute 3x+14 for y in the first equation and you get 1x+24 = 3x+14. From here, just solve the equation. You get that 2x = 10, or x = 5. There will be 5 roses. The total cost can be found by plugging in 5 for x, and you get that the total cost is $29.

Hope this helps!
 Mar 3, 2023

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