solve each system by graphing y=3x-4 

Guest Mar 20, 2017

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Not going to graph it for you, but I'll show you 


y=3x-4 <-- Linear line since the highest exponent 1 

Plot the y-intercept which is the last value C 

Y-intercept=(0,-4) <- Plot that 

Then from there use the formula Rise/Run 

The slope is 3 we need a run so we can't change the number, but anything over 1 =the thing it equals before. 

So 3/1 =3. 

Rise 3 and Run 1 

So we start from our y intercept point and rise 3 digits and run riht 1. These are two dots so we can now draw our linear line. Make sure to add arrows at the end. 

Julius  Mar 20, 2017

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