whats 2/5x+4=10?

Guest May 3, 2017

Please make it more specific as to what the fraction is next time. The LaTeX way to write a fraction is \frac{numerator}{denominator}

So, your equation is: \(\frac{2}{5}x+ 4 = 10\)

Isolate x and its coefficient by subtracting 4: \(\frac{2}{5}x=6\)

Divide each side of the equation by  \(\frac{2}{5}\)(The coefficient of x) [or multiply by the reciprocal of the coefficient of x]:

\(x = \frac{6}{\frac{2}{5}} = \frac{6*5}{2} = \frac{30}{2} = 15\)

x = 15

helperid1839321  May 3, 2017

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