piper and her friend Hunter are going to a carnival that has games and rides. Piper played 5 games and went on 7 rides and spent a total of $43.75. Hunter played 10 games and went on 2 rides and spent a total of $27.50. Determine the cost of each game and the cost of each ride.

 Mar 2, 2023

First we set up the system of equations

let x be games, and y be rides

we then have 5x + 7y = 43.75 and 10x+2y = 27.50

we isolate x in the first equation and get that x = (43.75 - 7y)/5, and can then plug in into the second equation and simplify

we then get that -12y + 87.5 = 27.5, and find y = 5.

we can now just plug in y in the first equation and we will find that x = 1.75

our final answer is: a game costs $1.75, and a ride costs $5.00

hope this helps!

 Mar 2, 2023

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