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the number is beetween 8 and 6 and that's the number 7:






So x is finally -3.



 Nov 1, 2021

As GA pointed out, this problem is not just asking for integer solutions. 

This solution would be great if x was an integer. :))

Be careful with these small details.



catmg  Nov 5, 2021



It would be more nomal to write it as    

6 < 4-x < 8

Note, if you swap sides then you turn the sign around.


subtract 4 from all three parts

2 < -x < 4

if -x is between 2 and 4 then +x must be between -2 and -4




so x=-3


I like Straight's way better.   Thanks straight.

 Nov 1, 2021


I like Straight's way better.   



His unorthodox method doesn’t meet the solution requirements for the question.

It’s not asking for (just) an integer solution. It’s asking for a solution in inequality form.


begin{bmatrix}\mathrm{Required\; Solution:}\:&\:-4 < x < -2\:\\ \:\mathrm{ In\;Interval\:Notation:}&\:\left(-4,\:-2\right)\end{bmatrix}


\(\begin{bmatrix}\mathrm{Required\; Solution:}\:&\:-4 < x < -2\:\\ \:\mathrm{ In\;Interval\:Notation:}&\:\left(-4,\:-2\right)\end{bmatrix}\)

Bloody LeTex works fine in preview mode but not after it's posted.

(-4 < x < -2)  

(-4, -2)


You presented only an integer solution too. Yet another example of contagious dumbness...

Would you have done that if Straight had not presented his unorthodox slop?  I trow not.



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I wonder how many times I can edit this post. I’m sure there is a limit. ... What is the limit?

Edit test: Sixty hours after original post. 

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 Nov 1, 2021
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My goodness Ginger, 5 edits.  I suppose some of those were LaTex frustrations.  :)


You are right of course.  Neither Strait's answer nor mine was correct. 

Also, he/she did mislead me but that is my own fault.    Contagious dumbness, well contagious error anyway. 


Straight said that 4-x  is between  6 and 8 and we all agree it is.

But yes people better stick to doing it more conventionally.


Thanks for noticing the error Ginger.

Melody  Nov 2, 2021

Hi Melody,

I think the edit count is a record for me. LOL


I was fairly sure I could work around the LaTex rendering error, but every failure also obliterated my code and I was working against the 20-minute editing time limit. I included the LaTex code and an ASCII text solution in case I wasn’t successful.


The Problem, the Bug, and the Bug Spray:


The < character is a reserved character in HTML. Normally a text editor’s compiler converts this to  “&lt” (no quotes)  for rendering ASCII text, where it’s then displayed as a literal < character.


However, a long-time bug in the forum’s editor compiler will treat this as a “start character” for class-tag recognition if there is a non-numeric character immediately following the < sign.  This bug often shows in posts with ASCII text containing a < symbol, but I never had the problem in LaTex code before.


The bug causes the complier to look for a class tag, and if this class-tag is not recognized then the compiler deletes the < and everything after it until it reaches the end of the line/paragraph, or until it finds a > symbol, which terminates the class-tag identifier. 


Here are some examples that will demonstrate the bug and work around.   (This demonstration works without actually publishing the post.)

Open a new post or a random answer post and paste all the lines of text from the examples below in the editor, then click preview; note that it displays normally; click edit and note the now missing text. if you click preview again, this is what will be displayed if you actually make the post.


(These examples are modified so they display normally in this post, but copying them, as described above, will demonstrate the buggy results.)



A < B <  C This will display normally in a post.

A<4 B<5 C<6 This will display normally because the character is numeric. 

A<B<C Here, the A remains, but the < (LT) symbol and everything after it disappears up to and including > (GT) symbol, but everything after the > symbol remains.


Here X<Y<Z The X remains, but the < symbol and everything after it disappears until the end of the line/paragraph. Which includes all this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx because it’s all one line/paragraph

Back to normal, here.


----------End of examples-------


The fix:  a space after the < symbol.


I use the spaces in LaTex coding even though LaTex doesn’t require spaces in the code to work properly –in fact, it ignores them (except in text mode). I usually put them in because it makes it easier to read the code. For some reason it corrupted and rendered rubbish. This happened several times. After doubling the spaces the LaTex rendered properly and the compiler code then reduced them to single spaces.   I don’t know why this happened... it seems that computers sometimes have minds of their own.


On the bright side, because of the time limit on post editing, I used an injection code to extend the editing time.  Lancelot Link gave me the code and I used it sometimes a few years back when posts were limited to 10 to 15 minutes edit time after publishing. This code extends the editing time to about 90 minutes. 


The code still works, and, at least for this post, it works for more than 90 minutes – I just now edited the post at 8 plus hours. I’ll attempt to edit again at 24 hours to see if it still works. I know there is a limit though: A few weeks ago I tried it on some older posts that needed editing; it didn’t work.  Too bad ... it’d be great if I could correct some of my slop. Really Great!



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Guest Nov 2, 2021
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Thanks Ginger,

I have reported the bug to Herr Massow but it might take him a while to see my message.


I have already given him the address of this post so maybe what you have written will help.

Melody  Nov 2, 2021

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