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Solve the Radical Expression: 

1) sqrt(48)

2) sqrt(90x^5 y^6)

3) sqrt(49/11)

4) 5/ 7+sqrt(3)

5) 3sqrt(6)-4sqrt(24)+2sqrt(20)


Solve the quadratic by graphing: 

1) 8x-15=x^2

2) y=-2x^2+12x-10


Solve the equation using square roots:

1) x^2-24=40

2) 2x^2-72=0

3) 2x^2+10=0

4) (3x+1)^2=49

 May 17, 2019
edited by zoe.that1kid  May 17, 2019

These are a lot of problems. I feel like this may be copy-pasting from homework, but I will help you.


If you don't know how to simplify radicals, here's a site for you.


Based on this, you can solve.


1) \(\sqrt{48}=\sqrt{4^2\times 3} = 4\sqrt3\)

2) \(\sqrt{90x^5y^6}=\sqrt{3^2\times2\times5\times x^5y^6}=3\sqrt{10\times x^4\times x\times y^6}=3x^2y^3\sqrt{10x}\)

3) \(\sqrt{\frac{49}{11}}=\frac{7}{\sqrt{11}}=\frac{7\sqrt{11}}{11}\)

I think you can do the next two.



So the answers are 3, 5

You can graph #2, on Desmos for example and find the roots.


1) \(x^2=64, \sqrt{x^2}=\sqrt{64}, x=8, x=-8\)

2) \(2x^2=72, x^2=36, \sqrt{x^2}=\sqrt{36}, x=6, x=-6\)

I think you can do the rest.


You are very welcome!


 May 17, 2019

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