A chocolate company receives 7500 shippings of it every day. 1/3 of them are peanut free. And the rest are mints and Store Brand chocolates. They earn 60% of the money sold by peanut free chocolates, and they earn 50% of the money from mints and Store Brand Chocolates (after dividing by 3, subtract the answer by the dividend and you will find how many chocolates are mints and Store brand, and to solve this, you have to subtract 60% by the answer of 7500/3. then subtract 50% from the difference of the answer of 7500 - 7500/3. Then add the final answer together to find out how much they earn every day) Sorry if this does not make sense.

PsychoBaker  Feb 19, 2017

If you have to explain to us what to do, or how to solve the problem, why don't try it and let us know what you get!. Then, will be able to judge if you understand the problem or not. Good luck.

Guest Feb 19, 2017

7500/3 = 2500

So 2500 of the shippings are peanut free.

7500 - 2500 = 5000

So 5000 of the shippings are mints/store brand.


If I understand your question correctly, you are saying that the company makes money on 60% of peanut free chocolates and 50% of mint/store brand chocolates. But we want to know how much the store makes, not the company. That means the store makes money on the remaining 40% of peanut free chocolates and the remaining 50% of mint/store brand chocolates.


40% of 2500 = (0.4)(2500) = 1000

50% of 5000 = (0.5)(5000) = 2500

1000 + 2500 = 3500

So the store makes money on 3500 shippings every day.

hectictar  Feb 19, 2017

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