ou have been offered a great job at a very successful board game company. Your first assignment is to create spinners for a game that will be released very soon.


The first spinner must have a probability of ⅕ for each of the following options:

Move right 

Move left

Move up

Move down

Lose a turn


The second spinner must have a probability of ⅙ for each of the numbers 1-6. 


What is the probability that a player will lose a turn?


What is the probability that a player will move right or up more than 3 spaces? 


Is a player more likely to move down or left less than 3 spaces or move up more than 1 space? 


 Jun 9, 2020

Probabiliy = Desired Outcomes/All possible outcomes


1. All possible outcomes = 5


   Desired Outcomes = 1


So, the probability of losing a turn on the first spinner is 1/5


2. There is a 2/5 chance that you will either get a "Move Up" or "Move Right".


We cube 2/5 b/c we can't have use any other moves.


2/5 x 2/5 x 2/5 = 8/125


You try three yourself wih the information I have given you

 Jun 9, 2020

I think you have to spin the 2nd spinner if you get all the options except lose a turn in the 1st spinner. 

If so, the probability of getting lose a turn would 1/25/ The probability for the 2nd part of the question would be 6/25. For the 3rd part of the question, it would be 5/25. 

Guest Jun 9, 2020

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