Here it the answer to you question Lenona

I think you must have deleted it because I cannot see the question anymore but you can have the answer anyway :)




You need to get the x on its own so you need to get rid of the 6

At the moment it is $${\mathtt{6}}{\mathtt{\,\times\,}}{\mathtt{x}}$$   There is an invisable  times sign between the 6 and the $${\mathtt{x}}$$.

The opposite of times is divide.

So you will need to DIVIDE BOTH SIDES BY 6.   

$$\frac{\not{6}x}{\not{6}}=\frac{3}{8} \div 6$$

Note that a fraction line IS a divide sign.  They are really the same thing.  

If you look at the divide sign    $$\div$$     you can see how you could replace the dots with numbers and you would have a fraction. :)

Melody  Dec 18, 2014

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