Hi there,

I'm looking for some guidance as to what i'm actually suppose to produce for this assignment.


Background information:

In Central Queensland, cattle farmer Sam is trying to grow sufficient grass for his cattle to feed on.
However, as his grass grows, the kangaroos start to gather and eat Sam's grass! To combat this,
Sam plants additional grass on his land that, in turn, attracts even more kangaroos. To understand the
dynamic of these competing species (the grass (g(t)) and kangaroos (k(t)), we can use the following
system of ODEs. (<<< stands for ordinary differential equations)

\(\frac{dg}{dt} = c_1k \\ \frac{dk}{dt} = c_2g\)

where \(c_1\)& \(c_2\)are growth constants.


The question:

Now what I'm confused about is the y(t+h) part... this part is giving me the impression that they want the system modeled in the form of Euler's Method ?


So putting them into Euler's method would give:

However the question wants elements y',y & F clearly defined
as well as the y(t + h) ~~ Fy   as well as the question saying "matrix-vector representation"    gives me the impression that I need to model this a vector matrix system... so is this what they want?


your help is greatly appreciated!!!


thanks, vest4R

vest4R  May 5, 2018

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Not to worry! I've found this:


Guest May 7, 2018

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