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For prom, Stu Co likes to decorate the multi-purpose room with light. The room is a square with walls 40 ft long each. If they hang the lights around the perimeter of the ceiling and then from opposite corners to opposite corners to create an X on the ceiling, how many feet of lights are needed? Use your knowledge of special triangles to answer both in the exact feet and to the nearest foot. If lights come in 30 ft strands, how many strands are needed?

 Apr 9, 2019

The diagonal  length  =  40√2  ft

And we need to double this since we have two diagonals  = 80√2 ft

And the perimeter of the room is  4 * 40  =  160 ft


So     80√2 + 160  ≈  273 ft  of lights needed


So....the number of strands neede  = ceiling [ 273 / 30 ]  =    10 strands



cool cool cool

 Apr 10, 2019

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