People think that in this world u can just treat people the way u want well guess what u can't it can hurt them 

Pinkunicorns  Apr 20, 2017

Just so you know, I don't hate you and stop assuming I do because I don't 

Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 20, 2017

I'm sry but it's just everyone being rude ugh 

Pinkunicorns  Apr 20, 2017

It matters how society see it. Or how the person might have been raised. Or it can be something they experienced. Or there can be something happening in their lives. I do agree it is bad, but there could be others things happening, that is bad, that could be happening now. What the people need, the ones being hurt, are their friends and family to help them, but quick or they will make a shell and won't open up to anybody.

Snappingtunic99  Apr 20, 2017
edited by Snappingtunic99  Apr 20, 2017

Pinkunicorns its true. I learned that the hard way.

MysticalJaycat  Apr 20, 2017

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