How do you get points?

Sorry IDK...



Like is there a pattern?


Was it called kudos?


What's up with the points?

Was it for motivation?

What was the website like in the old days?

When was Web2.0 calc made?


Please satisfy my curiosity...

 Aug 31, 2019
edited by tommarvoloriddle  Aug 31, 2019

You get points by posting questions or getting liked for your answers


i dont know exactly how it is done but yeah

 Sep 2, 2019


tommarvoloriddle  Sep 2, 2019

The website back a few months was very different than it is now. Beside the +1 thing , you see a heart, that heart wasnt there, it was just the +1 and the more if those you have , your name appears on the list of users on the right side. When i first joined , i wanted to get more points than Melody, but that never really happened, you cant beat someone as intelligent as her, i mean im just a teenager anyway so.....


i joined in 2013 and Melody and CPhill has joined way earlier than that so this website is pretty old....


The points you get are basically just earnings kind of this, they also have a competitive element to them , so if you have  A LOT of time and INTELLIGENCE you can try to score as many points as possible.


I remember being so crazy for these things that one when the site was being updated, I lost my points , a lot of them, and I got so worried, then someone helped me out by giving +1 on my old posts.cheeky


i dont remember what we called them back then but i guess it was just 'score' or '+1s'....

 Sep 2, 2019

the website has been here since 2006

travisio  Sep 3, 2019

I've been around since 2010

tommarvoloriddle  Sep 4, 2019

LOL I have been around since 2018, just using the calculator a lot. Until one day I clicked "forum"....... this changed my life XD

CalculatorUser  Sep 10, 2019

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