After a long hot, dry spell, the water level in Malik's swimming pool is getting so low that his pool pump is in danger of starting to suck air. He needs to top the level up by 8 cm. He runs a hose into the pool from his house cold water supply. The hose delivers water at the rate of 1600 liters per hour. The area of the surface of the water in the pool is 15 m2 and the pool walls at the water surface are vertical. (This means that the body of water to be added forms a right constant cross-section solid. So its volume will be the area of the water surface multiplied by the height.)


a. What volume of water needs to be added? (Give your answer in cubic centimeters.)

b. For how long must Malik run water into his pool? (Give your answer in minutes.)

 Apr 17, 2023

(a) The answer is 26,800 cubic centimeters.


(b) Malik must run water for 95 minutes.

 Apr 18, 2023

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