Hey, this is off topic!

Is anyone going to their state math competitions? and if you are, what kind of hours for practice does your school have?

 Sep 26, 2019

Lol my math competitions are starting in the winter.



The kids in my school are highly presitgious in math. At a middle school level, most of us are studying calculus to climb up onto the competition hill. I am considered an amateur at my school lol.



For us, we have a math meeting every friday once the mathclub starts (hasn't started yet)


but the practicing is on us.


The ones who are good practice nearly 5 horus a day.


Like bruh, why does everyone in my school have to be super nerdy...

 Sep 26, 2019
:D It must be a great school :)! Good luck!
Guest Sep 26, 2019

well i used to do math competitions like a while back but i became extremely busy so i can't do them anymore but yeah we have like a "math club" thing and its really helpful... i really liked it. They basically get questions from previous math competitions and they use those as practice for the upcoming ones, and whatever was unclear they would explain it to us and yeah :-) 

 Sep 26, 2019

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