The width is 8.5 mm (the comma doesn't show up on the scan)
So, for the past three days, my classmates and I have been working with Statics, and it has been going well, we were 3-5 dudes who chose to sit together in front of a whiteboard, and just crunch the different problems we were given, and we have gotten through them all, cross-referencing with a list of answers provided by our teacher, to see if we had got it correct, and this problem has been annoying since yesterday, all throughout today. 


All the values we have been given, and for the most part we have gotten a hang of it, but there is just one number (and a rather essential one at that) that we can't place, that is the 45.1 in the equation (we looked at a previously turned in assignment, and have taken it from that, trying to work backwards, to see if we could make sense of it), attached to this post are the values that we have been given, we have found our Ix  and Iy values in a Static book that we have been given. 


If you know how to solve this, or know how to get the 45.1 somehow, please show us, this problem is really bugging us, we have probably spent close to 5-6 hours total on it. 





 Feb 15, 2017

Apparently the 45.1 was the combination of the gravitaionel point of one of the components, and half of the space between the two components. 

 Apr 25, 2017

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