A few years ago, a country consumed 18,900,000 barrels of oil per day. That same year, there were about 314,000,000 people in that country. A barrel of oil is 42 U.S. gallons. Estimate how many gallons each person in the country consumed each day that year by rounding down all three numbers. Round your answers to two decimal places. (Round 18,900,000 barrels to 18,500,000 barrels, 314,000,000 people to 310,000,000 people, and 42 gallons to 40 gallons.)


gal/person/day        2.39 when rounded

Calculate the answer without using estimation and compare the two results.


gal/person/day    2.53 when rounded

motorcycle2008  Jan 20, 2018
edited by motorcycle2008  Jan 20, 2018
edited by motorcycle2008  Jan 20, 2018

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( bbs/day  x  gal/bbl   ) / ppl   = gal/ppl-day            bbl = barrel   ppl = people    

ElectricPavlov  Jan 20, 2018

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