Darren has borrowed 100 clams from Ethan at a 10% simple daily interest. Meanwhile, Fergie has borrowed 150 clams from Gertie at a 5% simple daily interest. In how many days will Darren and Fergie owe the same amounts, assuming that they will not make any  repayments in that time period?

 Feb 22, 2018

We want to solve this


Principal + Interest  = Principal + Interest


100 + 100 (.10)D  =  150 + 150(.05)D        


Where D  is the number of days that will equalize the debt


Subtract 100 from both sides  and simplify


10D   =  50  + 7.5D         subtract  7.5D  from both sides


2.5D  =  50     divide both sides by 2.5


D =  20 days




cool cool cool

 Feb 22, 2018

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