en fotboll plan har måtten 112.5 läng och 64m bredd.karin gräset på planen mee en motordriven gräsklippare som har klippbreden 1 m karin går med hastighete 1,5m per sekund .hur lång tid ta det för hene att klipa hela plannen om hon klippe effktivt som möjligt

Guest Aug 27, 2017

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A football plane has dimensions 112.5 long and 64m wide. Karin grasses on the plane along a motor-powered lawnmower that has the cutting edge 1m karin runs at a speed of 1.5m per second .has long time take it for her to cut the whole plan if she cut effectively possible


Cutting along the longest dimension of the field, it will take her  112.5 / 1.5  =  75 seconds = 1 + 1/4 min  = 5/4 min to cut a 1 m wide swath


And she must do this 64 times to cut the entire field.....so


64 * (5/4)   min  = 


64/4  *  5  =


16 * 5  =  


80 min  total




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CPhill  Aug 27, 2017

You understand Swedish?

Gh0sty15  Aug 27, 2017


LOL!!!....no, but Google Translate does.......


Well, somewhat, anyway.......I have a feeling that something got lost in the translation ....!!!




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CPhill  Aug 27, 2017
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