Can someone please tell me how people are including symbols
like +- and the integral sign ????

I've asked before but it seems to be a big secret

 Feb 5, 2014
the ± symbol (I think what you are saying) is a symbol to say that in the algebraic equation you add and subtract either the two real numbers, two variables, one real number and one variable, or one variable and one real number which would result in two answers to the algebraic equation. The only time that happens if you take an even root of a number which will result in two answers. For example: you would think that the √4 is 2 which correct; however, √4 is also -2 because -2 times -2 is 4. You can write √4 is equal to 2 and -2 and you can also write √4 is ±2, which is a cleaner way to write the answer. Hope this answer helps.

To the second part of your question, I know what the symbol integral looks like, ∫; however, I do not know what the symbol means as I have not gotten far enough in my math class at college. Sorry I could not help you with that part of the question.
 Feb 8, 2014
Thank you
 Feb 8, 2014

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