In less than 2 weeks, I am going to take the AMC 8.


I have a weakness of making silly errors, and this makes my practice scores inconsistent


I can get a high of 23/25 to a low of 14/25


How should I prepare? How should I fix my problem with silly errors?



I need some tips guys. Thanks.

 Nov 3, 2019

just learn all the topics.cool

*you can practice math problems in Aops online.*

 Nov 3, 2019

ah, i remember the AMC's lol i used to do them many years ago...

usually what i'd say is to just quickly overview the problems, read them and attack the easy ones with the less work needed first so you get those out of the way, and then you do the "harder" ones which require more work and so you may have some time remaining to check your answers and work for silly mistakes ! 

and also another thing is to stay EXTREMELY organized when like writing your steps out, so that you can go back and review it and see oh shoot i made a mistake here or wow i did it right yay! (i say this from past experiences lol when something is time limited my work tends to look like heiroglyphs after a while) 

also USE these 2 weeks to continuosly do practice problems, i'd say search up past problems or something and just do it so much that eventually when you just look at the problem you know exactly what to do without spending much time to try to figure it out :)

and btw...... Good Luck CU!! i know you will do great :D

 Nov 3, 2019

Thanks guys! I really want to get that honor roll!

CalculatorUser  Nov 4, 2019

and for sure you will CU! 

i know you will :D

Nirvana  Nov 5, 2019

Use aops or try to find tricky problems no one has really seen and try to work them out

 Nov 5, 2019

I am taking it too! I know there are some very helpful prep classes over on AoPS online. They cover all the topics, and I personally took one just last weekend. I also reccommend going through the problems from past years within the designated time period. 


Best of luck to you!


 Nov 6, 2019

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