So I have a problem that just went right over my head and only some people got it right. Can you figure it out? I sure can't. She said it wasn't graded, and we don't get anything for doing it, I just want to know. Here it is:


When Josh takes a survey of his 28 classmates, he gets the following results:


14 like English class.

19 like Science class.

16 like Math class.

13 like English and Science class.

7 like Science and Math class.

5 like Math and English class.


How many students like all English, Science, and Math class?

NolanKG  Oct 5, 2017
edited by NolanKG  Oct 5, 2017
edited by NolanKG  Oct 5, 2017

So what's the question ?

Guest Oct 5, 2017

It's in his question. At the end.

xRainexSiderisx  Oct 5, 2017

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