Ok, another with the photos- they dont post, they dont show up, and web 20 calc been crashing like me after 6 hours of nonstop swimming.

Is this happening with you? (not the swimming part- the crashing.. and the picture issue)

How can I fix it?



 Jul 29, 2019
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Yah....still not working for me either.

 Jul 29, 2019




And how does this post have 10 answers i cant see them

tommarvoloriddle  Jul 30, 2019
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Maybe you should try using my method.

I have never had a problem.


 Jul 31, 2019

See? Melody is smarter than her computer! (Most of the time)

Smarter than computer = No problems!


Tommarvoloriddle is not smarter than her computer. (Tsk Tsk Tsk)

Not smarter than computer = Big problems!

Guest Jul 31, 2019

I tried using your way, and it doesn't work with my HP moniter.

tommarvoloriddle  Aug 2, 2019

I am not a computer person but that does not make sense to me.  ( Like I said, I am not a computer person. )

There are many programs like Gyazo, including Tinypics which is what Web 2 uses (but you can use it independantly.)

If for some odd reason Gyazo does not work than one of the others problably will.


Are you sure you just have not worked out how to use it yet.

Maybe you should persist a little longer.




Melody  Aug 2, 2019

I have posted pictures before.

I know how to post a picture.

This computer is not cooperating with me. 

I do not use any programs but the files one at the bottom of my computer.

tommarvoloriddle  Aug 2, 2019

I think you are contradicting yourself.

You said you tried it my way but then you say you only use files on your computer.

My way involves Gyazo. If you have not used Gyazo then you have not tried my way.

Melody  Aug 2, 2019

Ok guys. The normal way to upload an image is broken. There will always be an error until someone fixes it. Here is another pretty simple way:


Use any online image service, such as Imgur, Imgbb, etc.


You might have to create an account.

If you have the image saved to your computer, then just click on upload somewhere on the page. Once you've done that select the image you want to post and upload it. Once that's done, click on the image and look for a DIRECT LINK. Any other link WILL NOT WORK!!!! Then, when you click on the Image button here when you're uploading an image, just press Ctrl+V. Don't click on anything after image. Just Ctrl+V. After that, click the Green "OK" button. Now your image is in the question.


And please, don't insult someone who is trying to learn. Instead, you should be congratuating them because they're trying to improve. No need to spread negativity in a world trying to become positive.

dgfgrafgdfge111  Aug 3, 2019
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