Nickel nitrate and potassium carbonate react to form nickel carbonate and potassium nitrate.  How many milliliters of 0.55M Ni(NO32 are needed to react with 85 mL of 0.25M  K2CO3?  

Guest Dec 4, 2017

You should post it as an equation instead, so that it's easier to understand your question.

Guest Dec 4, 2017

Solution (and precipitates):


\(\text {Solve and balance the equation to determine the reaction ratio. }\\ \text{ }\\ Ni(NO_3)_2 + K_2CO_3 \Rightarrow NiCO_3 + 2KNO_3 \small \text { Note that the ratio is 1:1}\\ \small \text {Determine the number of moles in the solution of 85ml with a 0.55 molar concentration of potassium carbonate. }\\ 0.25 * 85*10^{-3} L = \small \text{moles of potassium carbonate }\\ \small \text{Divide this by the 0.55 molar concentration of nickel (II) nitrate }\\ 0.02125/0.55 = 0.0386 L \\ 38.6 \text{ml} \small \text { of 0.55 molar nickel (II) nitrate } \)




Easy as pealing a high potassium bananalaugh




GingerAle  Dec 4, 2017

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