Thank you

I want to say Thank you to all Moderators, Members, and Guests who have answered all my Questions

You all have made my Life easier and have made this Forum an Educational place to come to

Keep up the Good Job!!cool

I will work hard to become a Good member here

ManuelBautista2019  Nov 6, 2017

Thanks, Manuel.....we really appreciate that  !!!


Your manners are always good, too.....



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 6, 2017

Thank You ManuelBautista2019


I totally agree with everything you just said

I am so greatful that I found this great website!

I have found so many good people here

And I will always be loyal to the people here.

And the moderators are the greatest mathmagicians I have ever seen


I just want to thank you for bringing up this topic because I have wanted to say all of the things in my mind wink but thank you ManuelBautista2019.


Yours Truly,



ProMagma  Nov 6, 2017
edited by ProMagma  Nov 6, 2017

Thanks, guys...!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 6, 2017

Yup no problem..


Because all of it is the truth!!



ProMagma  Nov 6, 2017

I know all of us could use a word of thanks

ManuelBautista2019  Nov 6, 2017

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