winkThank You, Mods, Users, and Guest!!laugh


I want to thank all of you Mods, Users, (and a few Guests, too!!). Thank you, Cphill, Melody Omi67 (all of you wouldn't fit in here but thank you, too!!)..and so on. Thank you for taking time to answer my endless questions and for your endless patience!!. Thank you, Users, that also took time to answer my questions or just took time to send me a message and talking a bit with me!!(coractisthebest, NotSoSmart, ISmellGood, pudding212..and all the rest of you!.) Thank you, Synth for those amazing jokes!!.


Yesterday, I was doing the last Algebra2 Test of my school year!! (Final Exam!!). and again, Thank you all!!


I have never regretted the fact that I found out about this Calculator because it has so many interesting persons!!.

cheekyKeep it up!!, Keep on Rocking it!!!cool. This is the last day of my School Year and well, you all have been a part of it..from answering questions to just making me have a good time, laughing or messaging me, all of you have made my school year worth it!!. I will try to be here again in my next Grade..so until there..keep on making this site as awesome as it is!!smiley

ManuelBautista2019  Apr 11, 2018

Good Job MB see you later. I guess its bye for now becuase i have awhile before mine is over. sad

ilovepuppies1880  Apr 11, 2018

dont worry..i shall be back this same year

ManuelBautista2019  Apr 11, 2018

awesome job bro

jakesplace  Apr 11, 2018

Thank you, Manuel.....it's been a pleasure to help you.....I wish you the best in the future....





cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 11, 2018

Thank you Cphill

ManuelBautista2019  Apr 11, 2018

Your welcome!

IAmJeff  Apr 11, 2018

Good for you.

IAmJeff  Apr 16, 2018

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