The 63 students in a classical music lecture class were​ polled, with the results that 35 like Wolfgang Amadeus​ Mozart,

35 like Ludwig von​ Beethoven, 31 like Franz Joseph​ Haydn, 14 like Mozart and​ Beethoven, 20

like Mozart and​Haydn, 14 like Beethoven and​ Haydn, and 8 like all three composers. Use a Venn diagram to complete parts​ (a) through​ (f) below. Complete the Venn diagram. Let M be the set of students that like​ Mozart, B be the set of students that like​ Beethoven, and H be the set of students that like Haydn.


slim22  Nov 29, 2017



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 29, 2017

At least one of your answers is incorrect. Determine which regions of the Venn diagram, if  any, are given in the problem statement. Enter those values in the appropriate regions.

slim22  Nov 30, 2017

Look at this same question and adjust your numbers by 1



Guest Nov 30, 2017

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