So the world is supposed to end tomorrow, but I just read that ist not going to, Im not sure if it will or not, Im actually freaking out! Ugh, if it does end tomorrow, life will be cut short for people, but if it doesnt, It will be a good thing, I dont want the world the end, I have so much to do in life! what do you guys think???

Arya_Lynn  Sep 22, 2017


I wouldn't worry too much......all these "world ending " predictions have been false....wouldn't surprise me if this one was too.....you probably have a better chance being hit by a meteor....




cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 22, 2017

Well, if it does happen and you disappear then the average IQ of the remaining population jumps about 5 points – that’s a good thing.   

Guest Sep 22, 2017

I mean but your still here

TheQuestion  Sep 22, 2017

Just a video to ease your mind.


Click here to watch!

rarinstraw1195  Sep 22, 2017

xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD those claims are going to turn out to be false as always!! xD the end of the world would happen suddenly, not predicted in advance!! xD xD you'll be just fine. 

TitaniumRome  Sep 23, 2017

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