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The figure is composed of a square with an equilateral triangle on top of it. If the area of the square is 25 square inches. What is the perimeter of the figure?

A) 20 inches

B) 25 inches

C) 30 inches

D) 35 inches

E) 36 inches

 Oct 20, 2019

If the area of the square is 25 inches, each side is 5 inches because 5*5 = 25.

If each side is 5 inches, can you figure out the total perimeter?


You are very welcome!


 Oct 20, 2019

The area of the square is 25 in^2; therefore, each side of the square is 5 inches in length.
The base of the equilateral triangle is one side of the square, which makes the base and each side of the triangle equal 5 inches.

The perimeter only includes the distance around the figure.

P = 3 sides of the square + 2 sides of the equilateral triangle
P = 3(5) + 2(5)
P = 15 +10
P = 25 inches

25 inches

macabresubwoofer  Oct 20, 2019

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