The following table shows the relationship between students who enroll in advanced Algebra and Chemistry in a particular high school. From a sample of 40 students it is found that 17 are enrolled in Algebra, 12 are enrolled in Chemistry, and six are enrolled in both.

                          Algebra                Not in Algebra         Total

Chemistry            6                                                         12

Not in Chemistry   

Total                    17                                                        40

Complete the rest of the two-way frequency table above.

Part A: How many students are enrolled in either Algebra or Chemistry?

Part B: If there are 2,000 students in this school, how many (rounded to the nearest whole student) are expected to be enrolled in just Chemistry this year?



I already filled out the graph but I think I might have somehow did it wrong.

failurewithasmile  Apr 15, 2017

                           Algebra                Not in Algebra         Total

Chemistry               6                          6                          12

Not in Chemistry    11                        17                         28

Total                       17                        23                         40


Part A   


N(Algebra or Chemistry)  = N(Algebra) + N(Chemistry)  - N(Algebra and Chenistry)  =

                                                17          +     12                                    6                     =     23


Part B  


Just chemistry  =  (6/40)*2000  =   300



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 15, 2017

Thank you so much for your help, I feel that I am getting it. Thank you again.

failurewithasmile  Apr 15, 2017

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