The graph shows the distance y, in feet, a pendulum moves to the right (positive displacement) and to the left (negative displacement), for a given number of seconds.

How many seconds are required for the pendulum to move from its resting position, swing in one direction and return to its resting position?


A sinusoidal function with the x axis beginning at zero and increasing in increments of zero point five until reaching seven point five. The function begins at zero comma zero and increases to a maximum value of one point twenty-five comma twenty. The graph then decreases through two point five comma zero to a minimum value of three point seventy-five comma negative twenty. The graph then increases through five comma zero to a maximum value of six point twenty-five comma twenty. The graph then decreases to seven point five comma zero.


The graph shows how many centimeters above a table top, y, a painted spot on an automated hamster wheel is for a given number of seconds x.

How many degrees is the painted spot turning into 0.75 s?


 Feb 7, 2018

The period of the first graph is 5 seconds


The second graph  can be modeled by


y = 6sin (  2pi * x / 1.5    -  pi / 2)   +  6


Here's the graph : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/1hzzmtin1z


At..  x  = .75 s....we have


2pi * (.75) / 1.5   - pi.2   =


pi  - pi/2   =  pi/2    =  90°



cool cool cool

 Feb 7, 2018

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