the product of two consecutive negative integers is 272. find the larger of the two integers.


if 3/x+2   =   y+3 /2  and x and y are integers, what is the sum of all possible values x?


A chicago subway card is worth $11. For each ride on the subway, either $1.50 or $1.80 is deducted from the value remaining on the card. what is the least number of cents that could be left on the card after any number of rides?


hector spent a total of exactly $200 on shirts and pants. The shirts cost $!5 each and the pants cost $22 each. how many shirts did hector buy?


If it is now 6 AM Tuesday, what day of the week will it be in 50,000 minutes?

 Sep 15, 2022

1. 15


2. 18


3. 22 cents


4. 5 shirts


5. Thursday

 Sep 20, 2022

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