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The scatter plot shows the total carbon dioxide emissions throughout the world for several years during the period 1950-1995.

https://ibb.co/dZkYex <– Click to see the scatter plot!


a. Write an equation that models the carbon dioxide emissions (in billions of metric tons) as a function of the number of years since 1950.


b. At about what rate did the amount of carbon dioxide emissions increase from 1950 to 1995? Explain how you found your answer.

 Apr 3, 2018

a)  The data isn't perfectly linear....but it's close  !!!


If  we call  the first data point on the left  (0, 5)  and the  last data  point on the right  (45,25)

We can find the slope as    (25 - 5)  /   (45 - 0)  =  (20) / (45)  =  4/9


And  we can  use the point (20,15)   to write a  "linear"  equation


So  we have


y  = (4/9)(x -20)  + 15

y  = (4/9)x - 80/9 + 15

y  =(4/9)x + 55/9   where x  is  the number of years  since 1950



b)  The rate of change can be found by the slope  = 4/9.....this means that every 9 years.....the carbon emissions increased by about 4 billion metric tons



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 Apr 3, 2018

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