The teacher of a seventh-grade class flipped a coin 100 times. The students recorded the results in the table shown below:

Side of Coin Landed On Heads            Tails

Number of Flips            52                      48

Which of the following best describes the experimental probability of getting heads? 

The experimental probability is the same as the theoretical probability. 

The experimental probability is 2% lower than the theoretical probability.

 The experimental probability cannot be concluded from the data in the table. 

The experimental probability is 2% higher than the theoretical probability.

 Feb 15, 2022

The experimental probability is \(13\over25\), because that is the probability-based of the experiment conducted.


However, the theoretical probability is \(1 \over 2\), because theoretically, there are even odds of getting a head or tail. 


Using this, you can find the answer. Feel free to post any questions if needed.

 Feb 15, 2022

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