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The Triangle Midsegment Theorem states that in a triangle, the segment joining the midpoints of any two sides will be parallel to the third side and half its length.

Provide the missing reasons for the proof of the second part of the triangle midsegment theorem, that the segment joining the midpoints of any two sides will be half the length of the third side.

*Note that this is not a proof from this unit. You must use your knowledge from this unit to complete a new proof.

Given:   P is the midpoint of AB   

             Q is the midpoint of AC

Prove:  BC=2PQ



 Mar 4, 2019

Blank 1   Given

Blank 2  Definition of midpoint

Blank 3   Segment addition postulate

Blank 4   Division Property of Equality

Blank 5   Reflexive Property

Blank 6   Consequence of steps 8, 9

Blank 7   Corresponding parts of similar triangles are proportional 

Blank 8   Substitution

Blank 9   Multiplication Property of Equality



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 Mar 4, 2019

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