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The figure below shows the quotient of Fraction 2 over 5 divided by Fraction 1 over 10.

 Jun 29, 2016

Well first things first I would convert the units from mixed fractions to improper fractions so they are easier to work with. Doing that we would get....


\(\frac{20}{3}\) pounds of walnuts


\(\frac{4}{3}\) pounds per container


Now that we've done that we can go back to determining how to solve the problem. There are 20/3 pounds of walnuts. To find out how many  4/3 lb contains, we would have to divide the pounds of walnuts (20/3 pounds) by the pounds per container (4/3 pounds):


\(\frac{\frac{20}{3}}{\frac{4}{3}} \)


Flip the denominator and multiply it by the numerator.


\(\frac{20}{3} * \frac{3}{4} = \frac{60}{12} \)


60/12 equal 5, so the answer would be that the walnuts fill 5 containers

 Jun 29, 2016

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