There are seven numbers in this list:

0.123, -0.123, 0.112233, 0.13, -0.0123, 0.1223, 1/8

Ashley rewrites the seven numbers in order from least to greatest, then circles the second and sixth numbers in this ordering. What is the sum of the two numbers she circles? Express your answer as a decimal.

Guest May 30, 2018

The numbers are ordered from least to greatest in this order:


-0.123, -0.0123, 0.112233, 0.1223, 0.123, 1/8 (or 0.125), and 0.13.


The sum of the second and sixth numbers, -0.0123 and 1/8, is 0.1127. So, 0.1127 is the answer.

chmy426  May 30, 2018

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