Hello forum. Is anyone else having the issue of not being able to take items off their watchlist? Since the new update any question I have made or now responded to is added to my watchlist. Although the problem occurs when I am unable to take those items off of the list when I click the "-" button. If you have a solution or have any type of information, it would please me greatly if you posted a response.

HighSchoolCalculus  Mar 20, 2017

It seems I am having the same problem, and my list is really long and all I want is to clear it.

MysticalJaycat  Mar 20, 2017

Hi HighSchoolCalculus,


problem solved, thx for reporting



admin  Mar 20, 2017

Thanks. Now l can delete the 30+ watchlist items. 

HighSchoolCalculus  Mar 21, 2017

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