This is the first part of a three-part problem. Express \(18\sqrt 8\) in the form \( a\sqrt b\)where a and b are integers and b is as small as possible. Hint(s): Factor sqrt(8) as the product of two square roots, one of which is the square root of a perfect square. 


 Part 2,Express  \(8\sqrt{18}\)  in the form \(a\sqrt b\), where a and b are integers and b is as small as possible.


part 3 \(18\sqrt 8-8\sqrt{18}=\sqrt n\)what is n?

Guest Jul 18, 2017
edited by Guest  Jul 18, 2017

Part 1.  \(18\sqrt8\rightarrow 18\sqrt{2^2\times2}\rightarrow18\times2\sqrt2\rightarrow36\sqrt2\)


Part 2. \(8\sqrt{18}\rightarrow8\sqrt{3^2\times2}\rightarrow8\times3\sqrt2\rightarrow24\sqrt2\)


Part 3.  Now you have parts 1 and 2 you should be able to have a good go at this yourself.

Alan  Jul 18, 2017

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