An art galler display a large painting in the center of a wall that is 24 ft wide. The painting is 10ft wide. Which of the following equations can be used to find the distance, x, in feet, from either end of the wall to the corresponding edge of the painting?


A l x-10 l = 12


B 2l x-12 l = 10


C 2l x-10 l = 12


D l x-12 l = 10

mrlevan3  Aug 30, 2018

"this question is too abstract for me" Is.....is that a pun????

mathelp  Aug 30, 2018


mrlevan3  Aug 30, 2018

It is a rubbish question. 

Melody  Aug 30, 2018

Well, I got it off of the SAT practice. How is it rubbish exactly...... I don't get this question either

mrlevan3  Aug 30, 2018

The painting is in the center of the wall, so the distance between the end of the wall and the corresponding edge of the painting is the same on both sides.


The distance between the end of the wall and the corresponding edge of the painting is  x  ft.


The wall is 24 ft wide, and the painting is 10 ft wide.


So it kinda looks like this:



Here is how I'd find x :


x + 10 + x  =  24


2x + 10  =  24


2x  =  14


x  =  7


The only option that  x = 7  is a solution to is  B .  smiley

hectictar  Aug 31, 2018

Yes, ur answer is better than the official explaination. BRAVO

mrlevan3  Aug 31, 2018

Yes x=7 but  hectictar I have no idea why you say that x is the solution to this .....


B)     2l x-12 l = 10  


Ther is no l in the question ???

Melody  Sep 1, 2018

I think that the  l 's  are  absolute value marks laugh

hectictar  Sep 9, 2018

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