The weekly sale S (in thousands of units) for the t^th week after the introduction of the product in the market is given by S=(120t)/(t2+100)S=(120t)/(t2+100). In which week would the sale (S) have been 6?

Guest Aug 8, 2017

(There seems to be some grammatical errors and duplicating values, but doesn't matter whatsoever)


Given that \(S=6\)


Multiply by \(t^2+100\) on both sides.


Move the \(120t\) to the right side.


Divide the polynomial by 6


Factor it:




Answer: The 10th week.


(I don't see how this question is "off-topic" in anyway to be honest.)

Jeffes02  Aug 8, 2017
edited by Jeffes02  Aug 8, 2017

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