hey i know im really bugging everyone, but could you add an option to look for questions that havent been locked? (like theres an option for unanswered questions, non topic questions etc)


thanks in advance

Ehrlich  Apr 9, 2017

The questions lock automatically 10 days after the last reply post. If there are no replies, they do not lock, unless a moderator manually locks it.  If you can convince one that you have something intelligent to add, one of the moderators will probably unlock them.


You can find most unlocked questions by doing this:  At the top of the all questions page, set the Sort option to “Most Answers,” and set the Filter to “Unanswered.”  (Unanswered means there is not a “check mark” on the page, it does not mean there are no replies to a question.).

Set the Tag to “No Off-Topic” Set the page number to 1136 (for 25 posts per page). The address bar will look like this: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/page/1136 Most of these descending toward the lower numbers will be unlocked.


This page number will, of course change. At the beginning of the “forum day,” it climbs as unanswered posts appear. Most of the time, if all the moderators are online it drops a digit sometimes two near the end of the “forum day.” Though all moderators give checkmarks, Melody is the main moderator who checkmarks the answers by members and guest. The page number slowly climbs, though, about 1 to 2 pages per day. 


Most of these are unanswered for reasons, like poorly presented mathematics, rude requests, and homework beggars, and just plain rubbish that wasn’t made invisible. So, even with the Off-Topic filter on, most will be the spam and crapola you hate.  Good luck!.

GingerAle  Apr 9, 2017

Thanks Ginger that was quite informative :)


Oh yes, If anyone wants me to unlock an old thread so that they can add something sensible to it I will be happy to do so :)

I expect I will be able to.

Melody  Apr 10, 2017
edited by Melody  Apr 10, 2017

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