plz stop using aops questions they are copyrightedcool

 Aug 29, 2020
edited by RichardRusczyk  Aug 29, 2020

I mean, all questions are copyrighted, so technically, no questions should be posted, using your logic. (Which would lead to the failure of this site, which will eventually turn into Facebook when the web2.0calc apocalypse arrives....what a scary thought...)




Are you actually Richard Ruscyzk, or are you impostering him? Or are you just a big fan of him?


Concerning your post, I find it a bit funny that you are addressing this problem and posted this question...which very much looks like an AoPS question. 

Let me list a few reasons why:


1. The LaTeX is between with dollar signs (to activate), which is what AoPS does when they want LaTeX in their code. (Most sites just stick with \( LaTeX \) or \[ LaTeX \] to center)


2. Here are a couple AoPS questions (already posted) about functions:

- please help me

- help pls

Now, here is your question:

Let $f(x)$ be a quadratic polynomial such that $f(-4) = -22,$ $f(-1)=2$, and $f(2)=-1.$ Let $g(x) = f(x)^{16}.$ Find the sum of the coefficients of the terms in $g(x)$ with even exponents. (For example, the sum of the coefficients of the terms in $-7x^3 + 4x^2 + 10x - 5$ with even exponents is $(4) + (-5) = -1.$)

See the resemblance? 

3. You named it "challenge problem"... which is what AoPS calls their problems.


Now, I may be wrong, but it's fun to investigate in statements!

I see that you are very dedicated in creating your profile, as you even went into the depth of the web, and got Richard's Princeton alumni photo...

If you are an imposter (if you are just a fan, then this question does not concern you) :

If you really want to get your point across, why choose Richard? I'm not blaming you, I'm just saying, you could have chosen Sandor Lehoczky to get your point of not copyrighting AoPS problems!


If you are the real Richard:

Congrats! AoPS was a great invention! I still wonder why you posted that question though....


Please don't get offended by this post, I'm just having a little fun researching, investigating, and satisfying my curiosity.


EDIT: 1000 points! Yay 😃 



 Aug 29, 2020
edited by ilorty  Aug 29, 2020

I'm pretty sure this is fake as the real Richard wouldn't use "plz" and an emoji...he'd probably type more professionally.

gwenspooner85  Aug 30, 2020

agreed wink

ilorty  Aug 30, 2020

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