I honestly can't think of a good topic, so how about everyone either

1) give me a topic I can post about later or

2) Give me a joke that you think will make me laugh.

 Jan 10, 2019

Just because this board has the off-topic flag doesn't mean that it's facebook or reddit.


This site is here to allow folks to get "help" with their math problems. 


There are a zillion other sites out there for idle chatter.


Use one of them.

 Jan 10, 2019

Not trying to fight you on this or anything, but I have chatted with Melody in the past and she's told me that the off topic button can be used for this...sooo hah

ClownPrinceofChaos  Jan 10, 2019

Topic of the Day: Show Some Bloody Respect!!


Rom is not a college student strutting his skills. Rom is a professional engineer. I’m sure neither of you understood what that means.

A professional engineer is like a doctor of mathematics and physics (instead of medicine). Just like in the medical field, many who attempt this level of education drop out or fail long before reaching their goal.


A professional engineer’s ethical responsibility often far exceeds that of a medical doctor. Because if an MD fails, a person may die, but if a PE fails, many hundreds or thousands can die. Every high-rise, bridge, plane and nuclear power plant is certified by professional engineers.


Guess what happened when they don’t get it right!? That’s right, they get an “F” on their report card, and mum paddles their butts.


Rom is one of the most advanced mathematicians in the (educated) world –at least the top two percent.

You two should have more respect. Though, I really don’t expect anything like respect from the Synthetic floater, but I do from you, CPC


BTW, Rom passed and you two failed. I can’t paddle your butts, but I can give you a negative six (-6) and negative seven (-7 )points for a net of minus five (-5) each.  Rom gets a plus six (6) for a net of positive five (+5) on each post.



 Jan 10, 2019
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