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So, I am creating a tournament table for a small tournament that some friends, and I are hosting. I will include a rough copy of the setup, below the text.   


We have 8 teams, spread out over 4 matches, a semifinal, and a final. The pointsystem is not too important at this time, it is more the functionality of it, so it can be used for future tournaments, and we can build upon it.  


For the inevitable winner, and loser values needed, I have a second sheet, in this winning is supposed to equal 2, losing to equal 1, and an unfinished game is a null value for both teams. What I am looking to do, is linking the various teams in the ''Team''-section, to the respective teams in the various matches, in such a way that when a team wins, two points is added to their total score, and the team is moved up to the appropriate position. For Example, Match 1 is over, Team 2 won, when setting them as the winner of the match, I imagine using a drop-down menu, where you can choose ''Winner'', ''Loser'' or ''Unfinished'', with the respective values underlying the text (I know that something along these lines is possible, as I have used it for a different project, but can't seem to replicate it in this one), the two points are added, and their position changes. Is there any way to achieve this? 


Also, is there a way for teams designated as 'Winners', to be moved on to the semifinals for example? 


Position Teams Points
1 Team 1  
2 Team 2  
3 Team 3  
4 Team 4  
5 Team 5  
6 Team 6  
7 Team 7  
8 Team 8  



Match 1 Winner
Team 1  
Team 2  



Match 2 Winner
Team 3  
Team 4  



Match 3 Winner
Team 5  
Team 6  



Match 4 Winner
Team 7  
Team 8  
 May 15, 2019

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