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A translation maps A to A' and B to B'. We know AA' = 3, AB = 4, AB' = 5. Find BA'.


A pentagon ABCDE is translated north by 40 units to pentagon A1B1C1D1E1. Pentagon A1B1C1D1E1 is then translated east by 50 units to pentagon A2B2C2D2E2. We know the perimeter of pentagon ABCDE is 30 units. Find CC2


A and B are two points on a plane. A translation maps A to B and B to B'. Another translation maps B to A and A to A'. We know A'B' = 16. Find AB.

 Apr 16, 2019


2. This one to me is a bit simpler, so you can try it out.

Think of it as a pythagorean triangle, draw a line from C to C1 and Cto C2. It creates a right angle, so using this you can find the "hypotenuse."

When simplified, the answer is a radical.

3. If A'B' = 16 and A'B' = 3AB, what's AB? Easy problem.

Images from AoPS, thank you!


You are very welcome!


 Apr 17, 2019
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edited by CoolStuffYT  Apr 17, 2019

Where did these answers come from coolstuff?


You should give credit to your source   wink

Melody  Apr 17, 2019

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