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I have a triangle with a base of 6950 CM and a side of 3760 C

Can someone help me calculate the height of the triangle and the area of the triangle please.

The angle is 22.5 degrees

 Jul 26, 2018
edited by Bellicus  Jul 27, 2018

I think you need more information about your triangle, since it doesn't appear to be right-angled triangle. You must know either 2 sides and one angle, or two angles and one side....etc. in order to calculate the area.

 Jul 26, 2018

Well...it  COULD be a right triangle with legs of 6950  and 3760  [ the hypotenuse will not be an integer value]


If so....the area  =    (1/2) (product of the legs)   = (1/2)(6950)(3760)  = 13726250 cm^2



cool cool cool

 Jul 26, 2018

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